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Burial grounds preceded European settlement of Sheldon. Native Americans, mostly from the Abenaki Nation, occupied all of the territory . They undoubtedly reserved sacred space for burials but we do not know if any were in Sheldon. The first recorded European burial in Sheldon occurred in the Spring of 1791. George Sheldon returned to the area for a second time to find that his companion from the previous year who wintered over lost his wife over the bitter winter season. Mr. McNamara proceeded to bury Mrs. McNamara in the snowbank near the cabin they lived in. When George returned they buried her on the south side of the Missisquoi River under a large elm tree near where the Tyler Branch Brook enters the Missisquoi. No one recorded the exact location and no memorials were erected.

Not all European burial grounds can be identified since among the pioneer families the tendency to maintain family sites prevailed but soon after being settled the town fathers saw fit to established several public cemeteries and to set up cemetery commissions to oversee them. Here are some of those sites

Webster Cemetery - on the Cook Road in area known as the Webster District. Visted in July 2018. In fair condition for the age of the site. Mowed. Some stones tipped over and some not ledgible. One stone in the wooded area at the rear of the cemetery.

Rice Hill Cemetery - on Rice Hill Road across from Methodist Church

Missisquoi Valley Cemetery - on Rte. 105 opposite Hartman's produce stand

The East Sheldon Cemetery - in the village of East Sheldon

North Sheldon Cemetery - on the left side of the road leading from the Rte. 105 and 120 intersection just over the rail trail and before the bridge on the Kane Rd.

The Sheldon Cemetery - at the north end of the village at the intersection of the Sheldon Woods Road.

St. Anthony's Cemetery - on Mill Street in Sheldon Springs.

Grace Episcopal Church Cemetery - behind Grace Episcopal Church on Pleasant Street in Sheldon

Sheldon Poor Farm Cemetery - located on the right had side of Poor Farm Road just after the turn to Maple Glen


The Fifth Edition of Index to Known Cemetery Listings in Vermont (2012) also notes the following as cemeteries in Sheldon:

Camp Ground Cemetery
Private/Cemetery Clark (No. Sheldon) (Likely the one cited below)
Pumpkin Village Cemetery
South Franklin Cemetery
We will be locating those and attesting to their locations in or out of the town.

There is also noted to be a Jedediah Clark cemetery where Revolutionary General Jed Clark is buried that warrants exploration.
And there is a small cemetery on the Vaillancurt Farm on Rte. 105 to be explored.
Both the Vermont Historical Society and the St. Albans Historical Museum maintain records that warreant exploration.

As information is available we wil build pages on each location with details and create a hyperlink to it on this page.