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Dairyland, located on the south side of Rte 105 in Sheldon, represented the inspiration of Homer Fairbanks following a trip through Jericho, VT and visiting the creemee stand that continues to stand on Rte 15. He is said to have purchased a creemee machine the very next day and to have opened the business so that Jane and her girlfriends would have a place in Sheldon to work.

"Around The Project" September 1952 kept by Jane Fairbanks Jacques featured an article about her father Homer and his Dairyland venture. "Around The Project" was published by the Vermont Electric Coop during that period of time and this issue represents a rare find.

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Page 1 The Cover with photos of Dairyland
Page 2 Articles of the time including a story about the St. Lawrence Seaway
Page 3 More details on Homer and the Dairyland
Page 4 Historically significant promotion for more electric power on the farm.

Jane Fairbanks Jacques 2018

Jane gladly shared other photos with us as well as memorabilia shown here