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A History of the Sheldon Vermont Postal Delivery System
. The Post Office Boxes Previously in the Sheldon Creek Post Office and now at the Sheldon Historical Socity Museum.

Would you like to own one of these historic boxes, perhaps the one you opened over the years to pick up your mail?

Now you can own one of the vintage post office boxes with your name engraved on the back for $100! Of course, the boxes will remain in the exhibit at the museum. Proceeds will help fund a restroom in the new addition.

For a complete "History of the Sheldon, Vermont Post Offices click here

Prior to 1803 the nearest postal facility required travel to Middlebury, VT. Josiah Hildreth submitted his first financial return on July 1, 1803 presenting the first evidence of a post master in Sheldon. He continued as post master until July 1, 1809 when Samuel Wead presented his report as evidence of his credentials. In each of these instances the exact location of the post office is not known. Postal service required limited time and resources and so likely the post office location, if only a wooden box holding mail, likely occupied a limited space in a store, hotel, tavern, or other public building.

The document to the right signed by D D Wead in 1881 provides the first written evidence of the postal location through formal documentation. Delazon D Wead served as post master from 1861 to 1885. The document clearly delineates the location as the D D Wead Store in Sheldon, or the Wead and Hapgood Store, on the east side of Black Creek and the south side of the highway before the then St. J Railway. The post office remained here until 1885.

Through a long period of history postal appointments represented the use of the patronage system for positions. About every four years a new post master served the public at a likely new location. Some served over two terms separated by one political termof 4 to 8 years.

Post Offices produce photos, artifacts, and post cards worth of note. Here are some among the Sheldon Post Offices

This photo, prior to 1932 shows the post office next to the H H Mower Hardware Store on Bridge Street. The area became known as Post Office Square and served the village as a business, soical, and commerical center until the fire of 1932. This location served as the post office during the term of Mamie Marsh from 1952 until the fire. After H H Mower built a new store near the same location, Mrs Marsh again served as post master there until 1952. In 1952 Helen Mercure assumed the position of post master and remained at this location until 1958 when she and her husband sold the store and moved the post office to its current location on Main Street.

For a complete list of Sheldon Post Master go Here

The post office at the "Creek" served only a portion of the population.. Other post offices served more remote locations over a period of time
Location Open Date Closing Date
East Sheldon 1828 1901
North Sheldon 1854 1965
Olmstead Falls 1871 1884
Sheldon Springs (renamed from Olmstead Falls in 1884) 1884 Present
South Franklin (Actually in Sheldon) 1877 1915
Sheldon Jct 1891 1968